Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Inhabitants of the knitting room

First of all, let me introduce Louise, my Louet S-75 spinning wheel. She is named in honor of my grandmother, Ida Louise, and my great-grandmother, Ada Louise. She came to live in the knitting room last December. We get along very well most of the time, though I am a novice spinner. The grey homespun is an alpaca/lama blend, white is corriedale and the black is alpaca.

The treasure chest houses a portion of my stash. I love looking at, rearranging and otherwise caressing my yarn. I have a bad habit of buying more and more and more....

The Teri doll was a gift from my dear friend Jess. Jess and her mother made the Teri doll, they are so talented and clever. The Teri doll has her own teacup (because tea is my beverage of choice) and her workbasket with yarn, needles and my favorite novel, Pride and Prejudice. I like sharing my knitting room with her, she reminds me of two of my favorite people.

My current WIP is a cardigan made with a varigated purple/blue/green yarn from Ashford. I have almost finished the first sleeve. I generated the pattern from my newly aquired copy of Sweater Wizard. Since I don't enjoy seaming this cardigan is being knit from the bottom up using raglan shaping for the shoulders. The only seaming should be under the sleeves. Pictures forthcoming when I have more completed. I purchased the Sweater Wizard software because I can never follow a pattern as it is written, I always have to alter some feature, or try to design my own, sometimes with less than satisfactory results. I'm hoping this software will improve my odds of success.


Anonymous said...

Your hundspun looks great - very talented for a "novice". Your Teri doll is adorable. Do you have a picture of your WIP? It sounds very interesting - great colors.


shellsmum said...

Wow! I checked out this blog and there, in your chest is the wool I dyed for you. I did a second skein and 2 days ago started knitting a pair of socks for myself in the same colourways. How cool!