Monday, April 18, 2005

the sleeves are done

Spring seems to have arrived here in eastern Pennsylvania. It is shirt sleeve temperature outside today, the forsythia and daffodills are in full bloom and the bees are buzzing about. My family moved here from the Triangle area of North Carolina last June. Winter here was certainly colder and snowier than what we were accustomed to, and we are really enjoying the spring weather.

I have finished both sleeves of the raglan cardi, now working on the bottom ribbing. Sparky, our four year old Rat Terrier is my knitting companion. He is usually on my lap or in the chair beside me when I knit.

I'm off to purchase a new #6 circ needle to replace the one I loaned to a budding knitter this weekend. I'm helping him start a hat and he is really doing well, picked up on the purl stitch really quickly. I need another #6 so I can continue on to the body of the cardi.

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Anonymous said...

And what beautiful twins they are. I'm excited to see the finished project. Sparky seems to be enjoying the sunshine, and I can't say that I blame him. I'm holding my breath that spring is here to stay, but snow has been forecast for later in the week. Have a good week.