Saturday, August 06, 2005

SP, you are the best,

and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for another generous gift. My sons can't wait to try the Wild Huckleberry honey and syrup, I think I'll be making pancakes for breakfast tomorrow. The cowboy cookie mix with the little cowboy boot cookie cutter is just too cute. The note pad will definitely be put to good use. As I type this I am wearing the skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock 100% merino in the Spanish Moss colorway around my neck, the better to appreciate how soft and lucious it is, and dreaming about how delicious those socks are going to feel on my feet. And finally, the pattern for Annie Modesitt's Sideways Spencer. I love that pattern, I hope I can do it justice. I can't wait to find the perfect yarn and start on it.

Thank you Secret Pal, for such a wonderful gift.


Anonymous said...

I hope the pattern is the right one - I was nervous about that. I'm sure you'll do it justice - no doubt in my mind. How'd the boys like Wyoming Huckleberry syrup on their pancakes? I'm glad you're back and had a good trip.


Teri said...

Dear SP,

Absolutely it is the pattern I coveted. Thank you so much for it. The boys like the syrup very much, they had some with french toast for breakfast this morning.