Thursday, September 15, 2005

morning visit

We had a visit this morning from two of these ladies. Not this one, this one lives by a waterfall where my guys went camping this summer, when the camera was still functional. I couldn't take pictures this morning because the camera is not functional, but two of these beautiful creatures were in our backyard this morning. We know they are around here all the time, we see footprints and other evidence of their presence, but we don't often get a close up view, so it was a pleasant surprise to start the day.

I have a yoga class today. I started yoga classes a few months ago. I love yoga, and my instuctor, she's great. Yoga is something I have been interested in for about thirty years, I'm so glad I finally took the plunge (yes, for me it was a plunge).

On the knitting front I have finished both sleeves of the silk sweater to the elbow and put the stitches on holders until I decide how I want to finish them. Now I have joined the stitches of the front and back and started knitting around on the body. After working with the silk until my hands were starting to complain I knitted a few rows on the Koigu lace wrap. Pictures of this progress coming soon (I hope).


Anonymous said...

Don't the deer eat all your flowers? My mother-in-law has a terrible time with the little critters. But they're so pretty. I hope you get a camera soon - I can't wait to see pictures.


jess said...

That silk is like a difficult but beautiful child. You will definitely reap the benefits of your hard work. I haven't picked up my Koigu yet but am trying to finish a poncho I started last fall,straight knitting with that yukky homespun. Can't wait to see pics of both projects!