Monday, October 17, 2005

captain's log, star date 10-17-2005

Do you remember that UFO I kept refering to as the koigu lace wrap. The one that was supposed to look like this (click on Poncho Loco, it's the lace wrap on page 2). Well, when I seamed my knitted and blocked piece it did not look like that. It was too wide, and too long. I'd even taken the time to knit and block a guage swatch (sigh). I was really disappointed. I'd had so much fun knitting the lace. I loved knitting with the yarn.

I could have re-blocked the piece to make it longer and used it as a stole, but I really didn't want a stole. I was standing in front of the mirror trying to envision a different seaming option to make the poncho work when I had an inspiration. Just two little seams and I could have this,

the koigu lace shrug. Now I'm happy.

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margene said...

That really turned out beautifully!