Wednesday, October 26, 2005

my secret pal strikes again

and all I can say is THANKS! I received the new Sally Melville book on color, two hanks of Knit Picks Sock Landscapes yarn in the Rocky Mountain Dusk colorway, a pewter key ring that says "Knitters love to sit and knit a bit", and some lovely beaded stitch markers. I love it all.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got the package and I can't say I'm surprised that you like the goodies since I took it off your wish list, but it's nice to buy things that you want and need (and I always worry about what color of sock yarn to buy). The sock yarn is a little hint about me, one that shouldn't be surprising considering the return address on most of the packages I send. I hope the stitch markers were what you were thinking - I got the small ones because it seems that most of your projects are on small needles. I'm anxious to see what you make out of the new book - it looks like there are some interesting things in it. Sorry for the lack of a card. Have a great weekend.

Your Secret Pal