Friday, December 02, 2005

these socks...

are the project getting all my attention this week. The first one was cast on during Thanksgiving vacation at the beach and finished on Wednesday. The second was cast on yesterday. I'm liking this Knit Picks Sock Landscape yarn. It's soft and lofty, which should mean these will be warm & yummy to wear. I need warm, today's forcast is snow showers. This was the first morning that the wind made my face sting when I walked the dog. After a mild November I think the cold weather has arrived.


Anonymous said...

I like the yarn. It looks like it knits up well. It's cold here too - winter has arrived.


jess said...

I love my Knit picks sock landscape too! It is good to see a preview of that color 'cuz I have that too! I love the way it knits up as well and it is soft and yummy for sure. What kind of heel is that??
We are 44 and raining here in NC.
Brrr. Time to snuggle in and knit!