Monday, September 26, 2005

on sunday...

younger DS, his friend and I joined other parents and cub scouts, selling mums to raise money for the scouts. I bought six mums, and spent the rest of the day weeding this bed and planting the mums, which I didn't finish until this morning. Yes, the flower bed looks a little empty, but it's a start. At least it's not just weeds and grass anymore.

My blog has been discovered by the blog spammers, not exactly the readers I was hoping for. In order to put a halt (hopefully) to the unwelcome comments I am going to enable blogger's anti spam feature. I apologize for the extra step that will create for my friends who comment here. Spam is the pits.

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jess said...

Whoa! Those are crazy kids and I have one jealous one looking over my shoulder right now. Mums will be beautiful and less is more as far as I am concerned. Good to start gardening with a blank palette and let it evolve, how did DH react?? Sorry about the spammers that is a bummer, I don't mind any extra steps to get into the site.