Monday, September 26, 2005

Weekend activities...

...unfortunately did not include much knitting. I did a few rows on the koigu lace wrap, and that was all. The weekend got a great start on Friday afternoon when I had a phone chat with my best girlfriend and knitting buddy, Jess.

Saturday started out with a yoga lesson. Then, I supervised, I mean watched admiringly as my DH installed garage door openers. After that I took two DSs to a biking park, where they turned a little more of my hair gray by "getting air" and crashing multiple times. They thought is was great fun. They said all the bruises and scrapes were nothing. What happened to that little boy (oDS) who sounded like he was dying if he had a hangnail ? What happened to the little guy (yDS) who had such a hard time learning to ride a two wheeler? My little darlings are growing up.

After the park older DS went on a boy scout camp out, younger DS had his best friend come for a sleep over.