Saturday, December 24, 2005

finished scarf

This is the only gift knitting I did this Christmas, and it was done at the special request of DH. This is Natalie's scarf. I know, it looks like a shawl in this picture, but that is my 10 year old modeling, it will be more scarf like on an adult. Can you see the long pointy ends hanging from his arms? The better to wrap or tie the scarf with. I loved working with the Blue Sky Alpaca, I enjoyed the design, which was is my knock off of a pattern from Folk Shawls. The scarf was finished just in time to be washed, blocked, wrapped and delivered to the recipient. I had so little time to spend with it when it was completed. I have separation anxiety.

Cast on 12/13/2005
Cast off 12/21/2005

Happy holidays to one and all. May your life be filled with peace and joy.


Anonymous said...

Very cool scarf Teri.
Nice to see you back here.
Hope you and the family have had a wonderful Christmas.
Love Gayle

~kirsten~ said...

Very pretty! What Blue Sky Alpaca did you use? I love their yarns. Gorgeous and addictive.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty. And such a generous gift.


margene said...

Teri your shawl is beautiful! I can see why you had seperation anxiety!