Thursday, December 15, 2005

i had intended

to purchase some trendy colorful silk blend and do a reasonably quick and easy scarf. But this Blue Sky Alpaca cast a spell on me, I took leave of my senses and purchased two shades of gray of this sinfully soft as a cloud yarn to knit a triangular scarf/mini shawl for Natalie. After all, she's a classy lady who deserves a special gift. My choice of yarn and project has nothing to do with getting a high every time I knit a row with this yarn (did I mention how soft it is?). Since the scarf has to be finished no later than Wednesday, I guess I'll have to spend most of my time knitting this weekend. That's going to be such a sacrifice (translation: woohoot! I have an excuse to spend my entire weekend knitting!).


jess said...

I love that yarn. I am in the market for some lace weight for a gift as well. Are you making up the pattern???

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. What a lucky lady and how lucky that you get to knit all weekend.