Wednesday, January 17, 2007

of details and disaster

First, the details, a better shot of the cables on the alpaca pullover. This picture is the front of the sweater, can you see how the cables run across the shoulder saddles and down the sleeves?

This is the back, see how the cables continue into the neck, sleeves and bottom ribbing.

And this, my dear friends, is an unmitigated knitting disaster. Oh, it all started out innocently enough ( click here to see ), but I should have known it would never work between us. Knitting the 100% silk made my arms hurt, so I was never faithful to this project, neglecting it for long periods of time while I ran brightly colored wool through my hands, knitting pairs of socks and even other sweaters. Perhaps this project was planning its revenge during those long days and nights that it languished, lonely and neglected. Most likely it is a disaster because of my lack of planning. The shoulders don't fit, the sweater's too long, there's not a redeeming feature about this design (it was all my own, by the way), so this yarn will eventually be recycled for another project, if I can ever get over the feeling that it just has bad karma.....

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Jess said...

Your alpaca sweater is amazing!! So beautiful, the detail. I absolutely love it. Thanks for updating the picture, it really does it justice now! Sorry the silk sweater didn't work out. Maybe yarn from a worm butt isn't your cup of tea!! Ha. Ha.