Friday, January 12, 2007

i didn't blog

for a long time, but I did knit. Next week I'll try to catch up with pictures of more finished projects.

When my camera died, I had just signed on for the Trekking KAL. Here's a picture of my Trekking socks. These beauties were knit from the top down using the star toe and welsh heel from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks. I used a simple rib with paired eyelets for the leg. The pattern reminds me of rabbit tracks, appropriate for this project I think.

And I finished this pair last night, also made with Trekking yarn. These are from the toe up using a Turkish cast on, plain stockinette with a k2p2 cuff. I love the shading on this yarn, watching the color pattern emerge as I knitted was truly a pleasure. It wasn't possible to make these identical twins, the color repeats were totally random, one has a lot more blue than the other.

Lastly, another pair of socks knit with Trekking yarn, but on a smaller scale. These little booties are going to my neighbor's new baby, along with a little hat knitted from some yarn I had in my stash. I think it was called Peter Pan.

Happy weekend to all.


Jess said...

I just love those greeny/blue wonderful non-identical twins!!! Those are gorgeous. You are such a talent and inspiration, I am going to have to quit working so I can start knitting again!!!! I can't even comment on the adorable baby stuff.....can you stand it???

TutleyMutley said...

I'm completely enamoured by this trekking yarn - your socks look great! Must buy. Must buy.